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The gas turbines/battery hybrid: Ideal partner for wind and solar

The increasing amount of renewable energy in networks has led to challenging situations which require flexible balancing generation plant that can respond rapidly to changes in generation and demand. Open-cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) have been used successfully in this function, but the growth of renewable energy (RE) in some networks has outstripped the ability of […]

New lightweight GNSS receiver

Carlson recently introduced the Carlson NR3 network rover. Weighing less than a kilogram, the rover delivers highly reliable GNSS RTK for land surveying, GIS, and other data collection uses. Able to be used as a base or rover, it utilises all four satellite constellations and provides triple-frequency tracking on GPS, Glonass and Galileo. Incorporating multipath […]

Innovative micro-grid inaugurated

  ABB inaugurated the first integrated solar-diesel-battery storage micro-grid in southern Africa at the company’s Longmeadow premises on Wednesday 8 June. Claudio Facchin, the president of the company’s power grid division and Silas Zimu, the special advisor to President Jacob Zuma on energy, officially inaugurated the micro-grid. This application is unique in that it serves a manufacturing facility […]

Hybrid systems: key to managing grid connected PV systems

  Hybrid systems have traditionally been seen as large network connected units consisting of more than one technology. The development of smart inverters has led to the application of hybrid principles to smaller grid connected systems that can optimise the use of renewable energy, conventional standby plant and storage. This arrangement has the potential to […]