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Drives for top London attractions

With London centre stage in 2012 as host to the world’s top athletic performances, Hytec, the local supplier of Bosch Rexroth technology, has pointed out how the city has also, over recent years, played host to some of the world’s best mechanical performances: Rexroth drives are used to keep the giant ferris wheel of the […]

External gear pump with reduced noise emissions

Throughout its entire pressure range of up to 280 bar, the new external gear pump Silence Plus from Bosch Rexroth reduces noise emissions by an average of 15 dB (A) when compared to conventional external gear pumps. When used in coolant, filter, and lubricant cycles at pressures under 50 bar, the pump runs almost without […]

Drive and controls for Turkish dam

Information from Hytec Holdings The Deriner Dam on the Coruh River in northeastern Turkey is gigantic in every respect. At the heart of this mammoth project is an underground hydroelectric power plant. Its four giant turbines will generate 2100 GWh of power per year – the annual consumption of a city of 1-million people. Naturally, […]

Training programmes for technicians in the field

As many service technicians are out in the field over extended periods of time, it is difficult for them keep abreast of the latest developments and technologies in the industry. Drive and control technology company Bosch Rexroth solves this challenge with the use of technology and its e-learning programme. The Hytec Group of Companies, local […]