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Securing the enterprise network

  Cybercrime is a real threat to everyone today; no matter the size of your business. It affects everyone who has an identity or a corporate image to protect. It is already a reality in southern Africa with incidents happening on a daily basis. There is only minimal reporting which we, the public, are aware […]

Cloud’s disaster recovery as a service

  Uptime is crucial for absolutely every single organisation, no matter how large or small. If any critical business application and data becomes unavailable for a few hours, it has the potential to wreak havoc across the organisation especially the bottom line. It could be something small as a patch for the enterprise resourced planning […]

The Stuxnet virus could be lurking on your computer

  In 2009 a virus called Stuxnet caused critical failure in some of Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities in Natanz, leading to a shutdown of that facility in order to prevent meltdown. The virus is acknowledged by many as the first to be created as a targetted weapon. This means that the virus, rather than simply […]

Smart cabinet access system for data centre

With the digital revolution now in full swing, online transactions, mobility, social media and big data continue to increase the amount of information being transmitted, stored and accessed by businesses and consumers anytime, anywhere and on any device. And it’s all happening through the data centre. With virtually every task in every type of business […]

Modular data centres: the rise and the advantages

Motivated by cloud computing and the application of big data and the internet of things (IoT), the construction of data centres brings a new level of expertise to companies. In such a huge market, a traditional data centre is in a “solid” state which lacks flexibility and extendibility. With the development of businesses and increasing […]

Intelligence-driven identity and access management

  The way organisations manage access to their critical applications and data is quickly becoming unwieldy and overly complicated. That’s because traditional identity and access management (IAM) solutions, which were supposed to help organisations guard their IT systems and networks against unsafe access, were built on outdated assumptions to meet outdated requirements. First, the user […]