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Telecoms in Africa – January 2015

IDC forecasts greater intra-Africa trade fuelled by ICTs International Data Corporation (IDC) expects 2015 will see Increased intra-Africa trade facilitated by ICT initiatives such as payment systems, financial inclusion initiatives and cross-border payments. Technology will help breach trade barriers, increasing efficiency and encouraging transparency. The market intelligence company says ICT investments addressing African market realities […]

FTTH Council reports significant investment in last mile fibre

  Speaking at the opening of the FTTH Council Conference 2014, FTTH Council  SA president Richard Came reported that significant progress has been made with investment focused on last mile fibre. He said that the proliferation of fibre optic networks will play a massive role in the adoption of cloud based technology which in turn […]

Are you missing the financing boat?

  Electrical contracting, engineering and lighting companies stand to benefit substantially through the Industrial Development Corporation’s (IDC’s) mandate to create sustainable jobs through industrial development and economic growth, but are they taking advantage of this opportunity? Addressing the IESSA Johannesburg branch on 31 July 2014, IDC Business Unit account manager Khayelihle Sibiya said the corporation […]

Industrial Automation Conference

  At the 5th Industrial Automation Conference hosted by IDC in Midrand on 21 and 22 May 2014, Andrew West, international SCADA communication consultant delivered  the keynote address entitled “The road to convergence”.  He said that typical industrial control systems seem similar, irrespective of application, but warned against the concept of one size fits all. […]

Telecoms in Africa – February 2014

Compiled by Matthew White Monopolies “stalling modernisation of many African economies” African telecoms analyst Russell Southwood has warned that state-owned telecom operators, which typically have monopoly privileges, stand in the way of economic development by keeping prices high. Almost without exception, he says, they are poorly run, and the quality of infrastructure and service they […]

Africa Radio Comms 2013

  Speakers at the conference: Dr. Pierre Cilliers ( South AfricanNational Space Agency), Hans van de Groenendaal (EE Publishers), Paul Fourie (for Bob Petrie, Throughput Technologies, Dietrich Muller (Omega Communications), Mark de Goede (Altech Fleetcall); Andrew Moyo (Digel Trading), Derrick Mogale (Jasco ICT), Johan Hoolsema (Expert System Solutions), Front row: Frikkie Marx (Inopsis), Terry Reuss […]