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Safety rope emergency stop switch

Ifm electronic’s new heavy duty safety rope emergency stop switch is designed to protect  personnel while working in dangerous situations such as on long conveyor systems and rotating machines. It provides a safety-related switching status where large danger areas have to be secured and where housings or covers are not possible. Safety rope pull switches […]

Temperature transmitter for food applications

The new TD temperature transmitter from Ifm Electronic is the first transmitter with display and IO-Link for food applications.  With its bright, 4-digit LED display for optimum readability,the transmitter has a fast response time of T05/09 = 1/3 s and is available in various probe lengths from 30 to 150 mm. The integrated clamp and […]

Photoelectric sensor with time of flight measurement

Reliable background suppression and colour-independent detection with switch point setting to the nearest centimetre are the outstanding features of the new photoelectric O5D sensor from Ifm Electronic. The PMDLine sensor even detects shiny surfaces such as stainless steel without difficulty. This newly developed sensor with photonic mixer device technology combines the advantages of long ranges, […]

Compact power supplies

Due  to  innovative technology, the new Ifm power supplies require considerably less space in the control cabinet as compared to common cabinet power supplies. Another  advantage of the design is their above-average degree of efficiency: up to 94%. This saves energy costs and reduces waste heat in the control cabinet. In developing the power supplies, particular importance was […]

IR temperature sensor with integrated display

Ifm Electronic’s new TW7000 range of infrared temperature sensors can measure temperatures up to 1350°C. They are equipped with an integrated display and operating unit, and easy pushbutton programming ensures fast and simple operation. They have scratch-resistant precision lenses for minimum sensitivity to scattered light. In most cases, the infrared temperature measurement is used where […]

Volt-free standstill monitor safety relay

Ifm Electronic’s new DA101S standstill monitor safety relay is designed for use in machinery safety control systems up to and including performance level e (PLe) according to EN ISO 13849-1, and safety integrity level (SIL) Claim Limit 3 according to IEC 62061. Equipped with two volt-free safety relay outputs, the product has a slim, 25 […]

New photoelectric sensors for the food industry

Ifm Electronic’s new O6 wetline photoelectric sensors feature high performance and noise-immune background suppression. Even highly reflective backgrounds, such as stainless steel, do not affect the background suppression. The sensing range is independent of the type and colour of the object to be detected. A special feature is the automatic sensitivity adjustment which guarantees safe […]

RFID platform for part tracking

Ifm Electronic has introduced the DTE100 RFID evaluation unit with an integrated Profibus-DP interface. Also featuring a web server, the new RFID system platform can be used in production to track tooling, for quality assurance such as for electronic route cards, in assembly/handling technology for the automotive industry and in conveying for part tracking. Compact […]

Mechatronic flow sensor for high temperatures

Ifm Electronic’s new SBT mechatronic flow sensor reportedly provides precise and quick measurement of media in high-temperature applications of up to 180°C. The sensor can be used for flow ranges from 0,3 – 25 l/min at pressure ranges of up to 15 bar. The SBT series operates on the spring-supported piston principle: the piston, located […]

Ensure oil remains dry

There is no place for water in hydraulic liquids and lubricants. Water in hydraulics or in lubricants can damage a machine or even destroy it. ifm has introduced a means to measure water concentration. The combined oil humidity and temperature sensor LDH100 measures the relative humidity of mineral oils, synthetic esters and bio oils and […]