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Fail-safe inductive sensors

A fully fail-safe inductive sensor has been launched by. Ifm Electronic. The new GG851S fail-safe inductive sensor simplifies some of the safety-related applications quite simply by operating normally closed. The safe-state, with the outputs high, is given when the target is not present, i.e. outside the 10 mm enable zone, in the area known as […]

Pressure sensors for food applications

The PI2 series of pressure sensors from ifm electronic are suitable for use in food environments, sterilisation-in-place and cleaning-in-place operations. They can be used as loop-powered two-wire transducers or as three-wire switches. The PI2 series meet EHEDG, 3A and FDA approval, and features a stainless-steel housing that is IP rated up to IP69K. Units can […]

Temperature transmitters for the process industry

The new TAD091 temperature transmitters from Ifm Electronic feature integrated drift monitoring, as well as a diagnostic and backup function that monitors temperatures with the very high accuracy of 0,2°K. at -10 to 100°C, otherwise 0,3°K. The use of two different sensor elements which monitor each other in the process ensures that a developing sensor […]

Cylinder sensor with integrated connector

Ifm electronic’s MK range of sensors for use in pneumatic cylinders are designed to simply drop into T-slots with a close fit, allowing positioning before being fastened, with no specialised tools required. The MK sensor is characterised by its universal fitting and will fit T-slots as well as others through the use of an adaptor. […]

More temperature probes from ifm

The ever-expanding range of temperature sensors from ifm electronic continues to grow with more Pt100 probes added. Highlights of the TM44 series include a titanium housing (TM9900) to complement the high-grade stainless steel versions. They all feature the class A Pt100 for precise temperature measurement and the latest manufacturing techniques ensure small diameters (6 mm […]

Alternative to head transmitters

With the TP temperature plug, Ifm Electronic offers a low cost alternative to conventional head transmitters. The TP temperature plug is a Pt100 / Pt1000 measured signal converter to provide 4 – 20 mA analogue values. In contrast to the head transmitters, the temperature plug features two standardised M12 connections, reducing complex mounting. Temperature sensors […]

Distance sensor for extreme conditions

Ifm electronic has introduced a new generation of the popular O1D sensors with the innovative On-chip time-of-flight measurement system based on photonic mixer device (PMD ) technology. This allows the sensor to operate reliably with extraneous light of up to 100 000 lux. With its resistance to extraneous light, the sensor exceeds the values of […]

Photoelectric sensors suited for mining industry

Ifm’s compact O5 Series photoelectric sensors are used where safe and non-contact detection of the exact position of objects is required, particularly in the mining industry. The sensors measure only 70 x 18 x 47 mm and offer extremely long sensing ranges. The product line includes a background suppression unit with a sensing range of […]

Full-metal pressure sensors for hygienic applications

Ifm Electronic’s PI27 series pressure sensors feature a high-grade stainless steel housing, distinguished by their resistance to cleaning agents used in the food and pharma industries. The sensors have distinctive lasered, captive type labels. The features and characteristics of the former PI sensors are also provided by the P127 series: high protection IP 69K, hygienic […]

Hydrostatic level measurement in hazardous areas

Ifm electronic’s hydrostatic submersible pressure transmitters have ATEX, IECEx and GL approvals, and are thus especially suitable for hazardous areas. Further advantages include easy integration in the application, high resistance and long-term reliability. The submersible pressure transmitters allow easy, reliable and low-cost level measurement in hazardous and marine applications. They offer a stainless steel housing, […]