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Vibration switch monitors plant

Ifm electronic’s VK vibration monitoring switch is designed to permanently mount on a machine to continuously monitor the machine’s vibration level. By detecting vibration level changes when they first occur, the VK can help to prevent equipment from catastrophically failing, reduce secondary damage, and eliminate expensive downtime. The compact VK switch measures only 73 mm […]

Hygienic probe sensors for precise temperature measurements

The new hygienic Pt100 probe sensors from ifm electronic are ideally suited for precise temperature measurements in food applications. The sensors have a 6 mm thin sensor tip that guarantees an excellent response time of T05 = 1 s and T09 = 3 s while ensuring high stability. Even the smallest temperature changes can be […]

Multiturn encoder for harsh operating conditions

Ifm Electronic has introduced a compact RM9000 multiturn encoder specially designed for use in mobile applications. Using CAN interface, it transmits a resolution of 24 bits with 4096 steps and 4096 revolutions. The gear-free system uses the Wiegand effect to store position values in case of a power failure without battery buffer and to pass […]

Inductive sensors for oil and coolant applications in mining

Ifm Electronic’s IFC229 inductive sensors feature a long 4 – 22 mm sensing range that is ensured over the whole temperature range. The sensors are resistant to aggressive oils and coolants and provide sufficient protection against mechanical damage, allowing more plant uptime. Long life is achieved due to the special design and additional seals, as […]

Magnetic sensors for mechanically difficult position detection tasks

The MFS and MGS magnetic sensors from ifm electronic are designed for mechanically difficult position sensing applications. Each sensor incorporates a solid-state magnetic sensing chip in a completely sealed standard M12 (MFS) and M18 (MGS) stainless steel housing. This alternative position detection technology opens up applications in harsh environments that are too dirty for photocells […]

Safe detection of metal

The new GG851S fail-safe inductive sensor from Ifm Electronic enables a simpler solution for safely detecting metal. The safe state is reached when the damping element is within the safe switch-off zone. If however, the metal is in the enable zone, the outputs are switched on. The innovative operating principle can be explained by using […]

Hygienic point level sensor

In the food industry foam and deposits often make reliable level detection difficult. They can be suppressed with the LMT hygienic point level sensor from Ifm Electronic. This means that the LMT sensor can provide full or empty signals of tanks and ensure run-dry protection of pumps. With no moving parts and a smooth surface […]

New safety rope pull switches

Ifm Electronic’s new ZB0050/1 safety rope pull switches are used to detect safety-related switching where large danger areas have to be secured and where housings or covers are not possible. Safety rope pull switches are commonly used as a manual safeguard for long distance applications such as conveyor systems. With long coverage spans, rope pull […]

Cordset family expanded to include patchcords

Ifm electronic has expanded its ecolink M12 cordset family to include M12 patchcords. The patchcords, designed  for interconnecting two  electrical components for signal routing, are terminated at each end with Ifm’s ecolink connectors. The connectors feature a ‘lock-in-place’ coupling nut that secures the cordset to a wiring block and to a quick disconnect sensor. The coupling nut design prevents the cordset […]

Vision sensor for object inspection

Ifm electronic’s new 02V vision sensor  monitors presence, position, size and quality, as well as sorting tasks in packaging, manufacturing and quality control applications. It is a combined camera, lighting and evaluation unit with parameters for a wide range of applications. The stand-alone unit has integrated illumination and its Ethernet process interface (TCP/IP, Ethernet IP) […]