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Hygienic point level sensor that ignores foam and deposits

ifm electronic’s new LMT121 hygienic point level sensor safely monitors the level in storage tanks or protects pumps against running dry.  It can be adjusted to virtually any liquid and viscous medium, as well as to bulk materials. Thanks to the adjustment via IO-Link, it can even identify different media by two independently adjustable switch […]

Safety controller for mobile machines

In more and more application areas such as vehicle lifts and refuse trucks, there have been clearly defined product standards for some time. Due to the revised machinery directive, the manufacturers of machines often have to meet new requirements. For this reason there is an increasing demand for certified electronic assemblies for mobile vehicles.  ifm […]

Inductive sensors for the mining industry

Inductive sensors are absolutely necessary in all automated and mining processes  to provide the PLC with information. These sensors supply the necessary signals on positions, limit or serve as pulse pick-ups for counting tasks or for monitoring rotational speed. Compared to mechanical switches, inductive sensors offer ideal conditions such as non-contact operation free from any wear […]

Modular flow monitoring for field applications

Ifm Electronic’s SR5900 on-site control monitor is designed for flexible connection of flow sensors. It is particularly suited for connecting sensors with different immersion depths and for those made of ceramics, high-grade stainless steel and titanium. Standardised M12 connections are used to connect the control monitor and sensor, as well as the supply. This allows […]

AC photoelectric sensors – small, strong and robust

The new OG-Cube photoelectric sensor from ifm electronic provides high optical performance in a compact metal housing. The sensor offers reliable position detection in industrial applications, such as conveying, packaging, material handling and automotive manufacturing, and has bright LEDs to indicate the operating status (power and output) making troubleshooting in applications fast and simple. A powerful […]

New series of point level sensors

ifm electronic’s new LI21 series point level sensors provide reliable overflow protection for liquids, and in particular, for hydraulic oils and coolants.  The sensors also monitor the minimum level and any leakage in the tank. Setting the application via two buttons and with a clearly visible LED switching status indication only takes a few seconds. […]

Compact pressure sensor now with npn circuit

The new pressure sensor from Ifm Electronic’s PQ series is especially suitable for pneumatic applications in robotics and handling. Using a specially sealed measuring cell, this sensor precisely and reliably detects the pressure in the vacuum and overpressure range. The piezoresistive silicon cell measures, depending on the selected unit, between -1 and 10 bar or […]

Pressure sensors to reduce wiring complexity

Ifm Electronic’s PI27and PI28 series pressure sensors with LED display can be connected as three or four-wire units, and as two-wire units in a current loop. This is said to reduce the wiring complexity in new installations and to facilitate exchange in existing two-wire connections. The sensors can be used as simple loop powered two-wire […]

Hydrostatic level measurement in hazardous areas

The new hydrostatic submersible pressure transmitters from Ifm Electronic have Atex, IECEx and GL approvals and are thus especially suitable for hazardous areas. Further advantages for the user include easy integration in the application, high resistance and long-term reliability. The submersible pressure transmitters allow easy, reliable and low-cost level measurement in hazardous and marine applications. […]