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PositionIT Inbox, July 2015

  This month’s letters focus on UAVs and training. Send your letters to: Our winning letter re: Drones: The good, the bad and the ugly Dear Editor I have read with great interest the article in the May 2015 issue of PositionIT, “Drones: The good, the bad and the ugly”, and the lead editorial, “Managing the […]

Energize Inbox, June 2015

Our winning letter: Sir re: What is the cost of new build? With reference to the article by Mike Rycroft on page 9 of the April edition of Energize, I agree that the capital cost of some of the supposedly cheap renewable is high against this measure. I like the measure “capital per deliverable MWh […]

PositionIT Inbox, September 2014

  This month’s letters focus on the multiple appointment of mine surveyors. Send your letters to: Our winning letter re: Multiple appointments of mine surveyors Dear Editor I have with interest read the article by Alex Bals in PositionIT July 2014 pg. 6. It has become highly noticeable that there is shortage of mine surveyors in […]

Energize Inbox, July 2014

This month’s letters call for the DoE and Eskom to commission another pumped storage scheme, and raise the need for a forum or organisation to which the public can turn to complain about poor service delivery by municipalities. This month’s winning letter Sir A time for action Now is the time for the Department of […]