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Protecting the grid from attack and disruption

  The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has ordered US power companies to take steps to ensure that the electricity grid is protected against attacks and disruptions. FERC wants the power companies to identify key transmission substations and other hubs on the grid that, if disabled, could cause blackouts or major service interruptions, and […]

GWIMS: a FOSS-based water infrastructure management tool

  Management of water infrastructure information in most local government authorities is carried out using manual systems which pose challenges for near real-time management of water infrastructure networks and effective decision-making. This article outlines the development of an affordable web-based tool for managing water infrastructure information in the city of Gweru, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is one […]

Eskom calls for locally designed solutions

  Prince Moyo, Eskom’s general manager for power delivery engineering, says that the Medupi power station will feed HVDC power to Gauteng along dedicated power lines. Rejecting the concept of hybrid power lines, Moyo said that pylons will not share AC and DC lines, and that existing infrastructure will not be shared. Speaking at the […]