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Lightning, surge protection for poultry farm

DEHN Africa provided rooftop solar power to a Chubby Chick poultry farm in Potchefstroom. Chubby Chick appointed Motla Consulting Engineers to design and install a solar PV system and DEHN Africa worked with Motla on the design of the lightning protection system (LPS). Motla Consulting Engineers and Einstein Electrical constructed and installed the solar system […]

Six companies housed in one central hub

On 18 October 2018, the Bosch Rexroth South Africa group of companies (formerly the Hytec Group) officially inaugurated the 16 000 m2 Rexroth HUBB in Kempton Park, Gauteng. Six companies, Hägglunds, Bosch Rexroth South Africa, HYSA, Hytec Services Africa, Hytec and Tectra Automation took occupation at the HUBB (Hytec unified by Bosch) where they share centralised […]

Intelligent building control system launched

KNX is an intelligent building control system from Schneider Electric. The comprehensive portfolio of KNX solutions allows flexible, energy efficient solutions which are easy to plan, install and operate. KNX reduces building operating costs by only activating loads when they are actually needed. Control is effected automatically by means of time profiles and movement and […]

Low-frequency pure sine wave inverters

The Ellies MP low-frequency Pure Sine Wave inverter range with built-in transfer switch  provides the same features as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes). This means that, when there is a power failure, the inverter switches over to charged batteries automatically. Once the electricity supply is restored, the inverter synchronises to the incoming mains from the utility and then […]

Surge protection for data centres

There are two main types of risk in terms of data centres and electrical power surges: lightning strikes and switching surges caused by the switching of cooling systems’ inductive loads or possibly generators switching over from utility supply, and causes stemming from the power utility. Ideally, the most comprehensive surge protection solution would include all […]

Battery energy storage technologies for off-grid and transport applications

Energy storage systems play a crucial role in off-grid applications globally. Although various energy storage systems exist, this article considers different battery technologies for their suitability for off-grid and electric vehicle applications. Off-grid electricity can be defined as a stand-alone power system or mini-grid to typically provide a small community with electricity without the support […]