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Keeping your processes running at optimal levels

  The use of portable instruments is very time-consuming and labour-intensive in plant such as expansive production facilities, high-rise buildings and shipboard systems which comprise hard-to-reach electrical or mechanical equipment. In addition, such inspections can never be more than random spot checks and will only permit the detection of trends. Near-absolute safety can only be […]

Phosphate precipitation in waste water plant

  Kobold Instrumentation has provided a solution for the problem of phosphate precipitation in wastewater treatment plant. By adding iron (III) chloride (FeCl3) into the aeration basin, the phosphates dissolved in excess waste water are chemically mixed with sludge flocculants and transferred with sludge to the sludge treatment stage. 
This process reduces phosphate concentration in waterways and therefore […]

Programmable universal temperature indicator/controller

  Instrotech, local distributor of process control instrumentation and specialised systems, manufactures a four digit (-1999 to 9999) LED universal temperature indicator for applications where temperature needs to be displayed and controlled. The model 4003 is designed for highly accurate measurement and display (in ºC, ºF or ºK) of temperature thermocouples, selectable from the front push […]

Compact IR camera with wide temperature range

  Instrotech has announced the availability of the Optris PI camera featuring online thermal imaging systems, claiming impressive cost-to-performance ratios.   Developed to thermally determine objects and automatically detect hot or cold spots, typical applications are research and development; test stations; process automation and portable measurement tasks. The instrument covers a range of temperature measurements between […]