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IoT-based smart grid communication for metropolitan electricity distribution networks

Smart grid technology has emerged due to a need for electricity grids that can accommodate changes in the ways humans generate, transfer, distribute and use electrical energy with energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions in mind. To address this need, utilities have to shift their focus to consumer participation, renewable electricity generation and storage accommodation, […]

Telematics company adds IoT sensing solutions

ERM Advanced Telematics is expanding its activities from telematics solutions for locating and tracking vehicles, drivers and passengers, to a complimentary field of IoT (Internet of Things). The company is introducing its IoTLink line of products, which is based on technology that was specifically developed at ERM. The solutions use sensors and gateways that enable […]

Start-up Spotlight: New start-up to empower many other start-ups

MyTechie is a new start-up that can be likened to the AirBnB of technicians – enabling techtrepreneurs. Once launched, the app will be downloadable and will connect users to technicians on call. MyTechie South Africa has been established as a facilitator of standardised information and communication technology (ICT) services to communities and ICT service providers. […]

Nanosensors and the “internet of nanothings”

With the internet of things (IoT) expected to comprise 30-billion connected devices by 2020, one of the most exciting areas of focus is on nanosensors capable of circulating in the human body or being embedded in construction materials. Once connected, this “internet of nanothings” (IoNT) could have a huge impact on the future of industrial […]