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Managing power regulation and reform in Africa

  The University of Cape Town’s graduate school of business (GSB) offers a course on power sector reform each October. The course seeks to answer the question “How do we reform the power sector and deliver sustainable, affordable services to everyone, while still accelerating economic growth?” Prof. Anton Eberhard, the programme director for GSB’s “Managing power […]

What’s the future for IPPs in South Africa?

  It is most unfair that Eskom now wants to ditch the coal-fired IPPs, when in fact they will be much more useful than the renewables. Moreover, it would be illuminating to see how much cheaper and faster IPP-owned coal-fired power stations can be commissioned than Eskom’s efforts. Coal IPPs should have been the first […]

An appeal to Eskom to include all role players

  The South African Independent Power Producers Association, SAIPPA, has taken note of the recent statement about the decision taken by Eskom regarding suspension of signing any further power purchase agreements until it has engaged the Departments of Energy and Public Enterprise with concerns. While this comes as no surprise, the manner in which it […]

Understanding the cost of electricity from Medupi, Kusile and IPPs

  In order to understand and compare the cost of electricity from a power plant, whether it is coal-fired, nuclear, hydro, gas, wind or solar, one needs to look further than simply the capital, fuel or operating and maintenance costs in isolation, to a concept known as the “levelised cost of electricity” over the lifetime […]

The roles of private sector IPPs and Eskom in renewable energy in SA

  An interview with the South African Renewable Energy Council EE Publishers initially proposed an interview with Eskom on its position and role in respect of renewable energy in South Africa. Eskom agreed and requested the interview questions in advance. However after the interview questions were provided, Eskom failed to engage further or provide answers […]

Conference for African independent power producers

  This year promises to be another very active year for independent power producers (IPPs) and energy projects throughout the sub-Saharan Africa region and across various technologies. Scott Brodsky, a partner at Macfarlanes, an international law firm, says there is huge international investor focus on IPPs due to the power shortages and load shedding in […]

Independent power generation in Southern Africa

  Independent power producers (IPPs) are mainly understood to be renewable energy projects and the main programme, the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), has focussed on this sector. There are however other IPP programmes, focusing on small coal and gas powered sites, as well as a number of private generation projects. The […]