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Fieldbus options for level meters

Optiflex 2200 C and Optiwave 5200 C level meters are now available with two-wire bus protocols Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA. For each protocol,a dedicated Pactware DTM enables to access the device parameters directly via the instrument. Bus protocols for Optiflex 2200 CTDR guided radar and Optiwave 5200 CFMCW radar level meters meet the latest […]

Modular 2-wire FMCW radar level meter

The Optiwave 5200 C/F is said to ensure suitability for a variety of mounting positions and applications. It can be used for liquids, pastes and slurries. The unique PP and PTFE wave horn antennas are process-sealed by their antenna material instead of a traditional process seal construction with “O” ring gaskets. These gasket-free antennas are […]

Analytical sensors with transmitter in the sensor head

by Wolfgang Babel, Krohne Analytics   A line of digital analytical sensors with integrated transmitter technology was introduced in 2013, making external transmitters superfluous, effectively eliminating one of the greatest sources of error in the measuring chain.   Please downlod the following pdf

Level meter for liquids and solids

Krohne introduces the new Optiflex 1100 C level meter for liquids and solids in non-explosive environments. This product offers a cost-effective and higher performing replacement for traditional level meters such as RF capacitance, conductive and pressure level meters. The Optiflex 1100 C is two-wire, loop-powered, and available with a standard 20 m cable or segmented […]

EMF flow meter for Rand Water

The Rand Water BG3 project is essentially to upgrade the amount of water Rand Water can transport from the Vaal Dam to the Suikerbos water treatment plant which is regarded as one of the largest treatment plant in the Southern region. This flow meter will be used to measure the amount of water that will […]

TDR comes into its own in measurement applications

by John Alexander, Krohne Time-domain reflectometry, more commonly known by its acronym TDR, is not a new concept. It is widely used in the electronics industry in the measurement of impedance and in fibre cables to measure the distance of a break in the cable. Please download pdf

Virtual reference for electromagnetic flowmeters

Conventional grounding of electromagnetic flow meters can pose problems in some applications. “Virtual reference” solves these, as well as problems with corrosive media. The virtual reference is possible from a diameter (nominal width) of DN10 (1 cm) and from a conductivity of ≥ 200 µS/cm. Krohne patented the method for virtual referencing of EMFs in […]

Virtual reference for electromagnetic flowmeters

by Jörg Holtmann, Krohne In certain applications, the conventional grounding of electromagnetic flow meters can pose problems. This article illustrates the problem and sheds light on a possible solution which is also suitable for problematic applications and media. Please download the pdf

Electromagnetic converter for water

In the future, water will become a rare resource. Therefore reliable measurement of water flows is extremely important even under difficult environmental conditions where robust devices are needed. In addition, different requirements call for different output signals. This is where the new electromagnetic converter IFC 050 comes into action. In combination with the Optifluc and […]

Radar level meter for liquid applications

Krohne introduces the Optiwave 5200 C/F, a new 10 GHz FMCW radar level meter for liquid applications up to 30 m measuring range. The cost-effective two-wireloop powered device measures level and volume in storage or process tanks, with process conditions up to 250°C and pressures up to 40 bar. Together with the recently launched Optiflex […]