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Transformation and digital construction in the spotlight

The KwaZulu-Natal Construction Expo, which took place from 7 to 8 February this year in Durban, brought together multiple built environment disciplines in the province to discuss digital construction, sector transformation, tendering practices and other industry trends and technologies. Digital construction has the potential to help improve efficiencies in a traditionally conservative construction industry by […]

Is it legal to “trap” employees suspected of theft?

  Have you ever wondered if you’re allowed to trap an employee you suspect of stealing from you? The short answer is yes, but you will have to do it lawfully or else you will lose your case. Misconduct such as theft is by its very nature not easy for employers to identify, simply because […]

Ingula synchronised to the national grid

  Lynne Brown, the minister of public enterprises, says that Unit 3 of the Ingula storage pump scheme was synchronised to the national electricity grid on 6 March 2016. Eskom’s Ingula storage pump scheme, which is being built on the escarpment of the Little Drakensberg in KwaZulu-Natal, is designed to provide 1332 MW to the […]