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Enclosed power supplies with constant voltage output and anti-rain splash design

  In response to the demands of LED lighting applications for channel letters and advertising signs, Mean Well has launched the ERP-350 series: new enclosed type power supplies with constant voltage output and anti-rain splash design. With an aluminum enclosure and heat dissipation holes with anti-rain splash design, these power supplies can be installed outdoors […]

LED power supply series

After launching the plastic cased LED power supplies (the LPF-40 (D)/60(D)/90(D) series), Mean Well then introduced 16 W/25 W lower wattage models (the LPF-16/16D and LPF-25/25D series), for low wattage LED lighting and decorative lighting applications. Featuring 90~305 V AC wide range AC input, these four series are not only fit for general 115 VAC […]

The switch to white street lighting

There are many ways in which white light can transform urban centres –not only aesthetically, but also in terms of safety and security. by Maciej Debowski, Philips Lighting Solutions   Download the following pdf

New LED assembly plant in China

Osram has signed a contract with the Wuxi New District administrative committee to build a new assembly plant in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. LED chips will be packaged in housings at the new back-end facility starting in late 2013 while the Regensburg and Penang (front-end) plants continue making the actual LED chips. The company […]

LED revolution well underway

by Nick Kelso, Philips Lighting Solutions We have reached a tipping point in the development of high quality LEDs where this new technology can be used for general lighting in almost all applications. This bodes well for the environment as LEDs of reputable quality offer solutions to some of the pressing issues of the age […]

Cities “more liveable” with LEDs

by Maciej Debowski, Philips Lighting Lighting plays a central role in how people feel about their city or town. That’s why the illumination of streets and pedestrian areas has evolved from simple functional lighting into a more demanding and creative discipline. Lighting should not only provide illumination, but should do so in a pleasing and […]

Lighting project in traffic tunnel completed

Beka has supplied a lighting solution for the new ramp and tunnels connecting the R59 north and the N12 east motorways in Alberton, Gauteng. LED technology was combined with Dali controlled fluorescent fittings to provide lighting for traffic traveling inside and between the tunnels. A total of 608 of the company’s Inoxa luminaires were chosen […]