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LED: what the end-user should know

  It is expected that LED lighting will account for more than half the global lighting market by 2017, making it essential for the end-user to better understand this technology. Although the cost of LED products is currently higher than regular lighting systems, the demand for LED technology is growing exponentially, which will inevitably result […]

Are you missing the financing boat?

  Electrical contracting, engineering and lighting companies stand to benefit substantially through the Industrial Development Corporation’s (IDC’s) mandate to create sustainable jobs through industrial development and economic growth, but are they taking advantage of this opportunity? Addressing the IESSA Johannesburg branch on 31 July 2014, IDC Business Unit account manager Khayelihle Sibiya said the corporation […]

AC LED modules in kit form

  With the Acrich kit, customers can now make their own LED lighting modules without the traditional AC to DC converter. Seoul MJT LEDs decrease the component count and shrink board size, thus giving designers more layout options, decreased costs and smaller fixture sizes. The Acrich AIC also provides low THD, high power factor and dimming functions […]

Programmable universal temperature indicator/controller

  Instrotech, local distributor of process control instrumentation and specialised systems, manufactures a four digit (-1999 to 9999) LED universal temperature indicator for applications where temperature needs to be displayed and controlled. The model 4003 is designed for highly accurate measurement and display (in ºC, ºF or ºK) of temperature thermocouples, selectable from the front push […]

LED spotlight with wireless control

  The GL-30854 LED Golight Stryker from Larson Electronics is a 36 W LED motorised spotlight which operates with a hand-held and dash mounted wireless remote control. This model is available in camouflage and is permanently mounted. It produces a wide spot beam with an effective working beam of 274 m and has a 6,5-million […]

The challenges of dimming LED loads with magnetic transformers

  The technical difficulties with dimming low-voltage LED lamps on magnetic transformers and some design tips to improve the situation and avoid problems. Anyone who has used LED loads with low-voltage magnetic or electronic transformers in dimming applications has likely experienced confusion, frustration or disappointment. Some blame the dimmer as the cause of the problem, […]