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Precision over long distances

  Leuze distance sensors have a reputation for accuracy over both small and large distances. They are used everywhere geometric parameters such as height or width need to be determined, and are characterised by high resolving capacity at high measurement rates. The Leuze ODSL 30 is capable of measuring distances on black objects (up to […]

Ultrasonic sensors for switching and measuring

  Longer operating ranges and broader areas of application are two of the features offered by Leuze’s two new ultrasonic sensors. Suitable for switching and measuring applications, the new devices effectively expand the Leuze line of ultrasonic sensors. The Leuze HTU 418B and Leuze DMU 418B switching and measuring devices have an operating range of up […]

Protecting and positioning in one device

More and more areas are being automated where products were traditionally moved manually or by forklift truck to intermediate buffers or transported to packaging lines. This level of automation with shuttle systems, generally known also as side-tracking skates or distribution cars, provides a solution with greater flexibility. However with this advantage comes the need to […]