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Mission to bring back asteroid samples

  What looks like a giant mosquito punching its proboscis deep into the surface of asteroid Bennu is in fact NASA’s latest spacecraft that will help scientists investigate how planets formed and how life began, as well as improve the understanding of asteroids that could impact Earth. The origins, spectral interpretation, resource identification, security-regolith explorer (OSIRIS-REx) […]

Terrestrial lidar and UAV aerial triangulation for open pit mines

  Say what you will about the past few years, it has produced some useful tools for the surveyor. First, lidar technology made it possible to collect high-density 3D data with spectacular speed, so that now almost any surveyor can afford a terrestrial lidar scanner. This has created a large new market as customers find […]

Machine vision + co-ordinated motion = high speed human

  The adoption of general purpose robotic arms that are flexible and programmable was a significant step in reducing the complexity and cost, as compared to custom fixture based manufacturing lines. However, traditionally these industrial robots have relied a fair amount on rudimentary sensors (like proximity sensors, encoders etc.) for sensing the environment. These sensors […]