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Re-assessment and time to do things differently

Following on with the theme in last month’s column, this month I have a question for you:  have you ever carried out a re-assessment of yourself and your business or practice? I have done this regularly over the last number of years. Sometimes, it was with the help of a coach or another third party […]

Linear luminaires for supermarket lighting

LEDwise Lighting introduces its range of ACE linear luminaries, designed with supermarket illumination requirements in mind but also suitable for warehouse and retail applications. The ACE can be used as a continuous linear light, with each length plugging into the next for up to 50 m without an additional power point. Several mounting methods are […]

Floodlighting ideal for sports applications

Paarl Boys High School celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2018. The school completed its new Astro hockey field as part of the celebrations. Floodlighting was included as part of the hockey field build and the recently launched OMNIblast-E was the floodlight of choice. A mixture of OMNIblast-E-1 and OMNIblast-E-2 LED floodlights was installed to achieve […]

Lighting trends for 2019

When you give your space a fresh look, don’t forget about lighting; it can impact the overall feel, and not just when it’s turned on. Well-considered lighting can fulfil both a functional and decorative role. Some trends to look out for in 2019 include natural texture and raw materials: lighting made with natural textures and […]

Lighting Matters: On the subject of luminaires…

  When I initially thought about writing this article, it was to discuss some of the different categories of luminaire. After more careful contemplation, I thought it best to reflect on the changes I have observed over my 46 years in the lighting industry. The question I began to ask myself is, “what has changed”? […]

Local lighting companies announce merger

Eurolux has announced that the conditions for its acquisition of Radiant Lighting have been met officially, with the effective date of the merger being 1 January 2019. According to Eurolux director Shaun Bouchier, the two companies, which will continue to operate as separate entities in the immediate future, have a combined 55 years’ experience in […]

The lighting revolution in summary

According to Signify CEO for Africa, Tamer Abol Ghar, the evolution of lighting was off to a slow start some 140 years ago, with the invention of the light bulb; for some 120 years, the only developments in lighting were variants on the shape and size of light bulbs. This was followed by the quest […]

Flameproof lighting and equipment at expo

The ACDC Dynamics series flameproof and explosion proof products complies with ARP 0108 and the company offers local IA certificates for the whole series. The products include new series such as haulage lighting systems and LED lighting series. These brands will be on show at ElectraMining from 10 to 14 September. The company’s Ex ranges […]