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No end in sight for electricity woes

  It’s not whether there will be loadshedding, says Eskom, but how the utility will manage it. Tshediso Matona, the utility’s chief executive, who last December said that there is no crisis at Eskom, says that ongoing loadshedding is inevitable. Speaking at Eskom’s quarterly state of the system media briefing on Thursday 15 January, Matona said […]

2015: New era or dark future?

  Without getting into any arguments about how the start and finish of decades are calculated, I will state that we are now just past the halfway mark of the 2010s decade. 2015 seems to be a good target year for achieving goals by many programmes, in fact the whole decade seems to have been […]

Electricity shortage is not a crisis

  Following a week of severe load shedding, which threw residential, commercial and industrial consumers into a panic, Tshediso Matona, Eskom’s chief executive, said that although the system is “living on the edge”, the electricity shortage is not a crisis but a challenge to the utility. Matona was speaking at a media briefing on 8 […]

Further delays in first synchronisation of Unit 6 at Medupi announced by Eskom

  At its interim financial results presentation for the period 1 April to 30 September 2014, which was held on 25 November 2014, Eskom announced further delays in first synchronisation of Unit 6 (the first generation unit to be synchronised to the grid) at Medupi power station. The project team at Eskom and the minister […]

Coal silo collapse removes 3 GW from SA’s grid

  Eskom reports that the Majuba power station suffered a catastrophic event on 1 November 2014 when a coal silo collapsed. No one on the site was injured and the station’s output was reduced from 3600 MW to 1800 MW and then to 600 MW. The utility called a media briefing on 2 November to […]