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Techniques for advanced cable testing

  To successfully test or troubleshoot anomalies on transmission lines, an understanding of transmission line theory and the limitations associated with coaxial and waveguide transmission lines is required. When the purpose of a transmission line is to interconnect devices and distribute signals, the physical geometries of the conductors and dielectric properties of the supporting material […]

Terrestrial lidar and UAV aerial triangulation for open pit mines

  Say what you will about the past few years, it has produced some useful tools for the surveyor. First, lidar technology made it possible to collect high-density 3D data with spectacular speed, so that now almost any surveyor can afford a terrestrial lidar scanner. This has created a large new market as customers find […]

Corona discharge detection using an ultraviolet imaging camera

  By using a high sensitivity ultraviolet radiation receiver, corona and ultraviolet radiation can be recorded to evaluate equipment condition through data processing and analysis. With the likely future increase in power demand and expansion of the grid, failures on high voltage equipment could increase the necessity for more preventative maintenance actions. Distribution equipment in […]