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Girth gears assist with torque transfer

  During a media function on 17 September 2014, drive engineering company SEW-Eurodrive introduced its range of girth gears to assist with drive torque transfer from the gearmotor to rotary cylinders. These girth gears are suitable for industries such as the energy sector, the pulp and paper and steel industries, mining and the cement industry. […]

Sensors with background suppression

  Power management company Eaton is launching its new E75/E76 series high-performance photoelectric sensors. Sensors with field-adjustable background suppression and a considerably extended sensing range are also being released for the first time. The key to this is the IntelliView technology which enables a number of new sensing techniques for colour, contrast and luminescence sensing for […]

Seal gasket supplier moves premises

  Hydraulic and pneumatic seal supplier Seal & Gasket Supplies has moved to larger premises in Meadowdale, Edenvale, to accommodate the increasing need for growth and development in the industry. In 2012, the company purchased the Seal-Master 700, reported at the time to be the largest diameter CNC seal making machine in South Africa. This […]

Case study: Waste granite recycled into cobble stones

  Information from SEW Eurodrive A proposed design to rehabilitate abandoned granite mines creates low-skill employment and generates income. Download PDF

Custom-designed rotary actuators

  PSV Mitech’s pneumatic rotary actuators can be used in industrial, R&D, laboratory, production and quality inspection applications which require rotary motion. They can handle small to medium sized payloads with rotation up to 90° and can be mounted and operated in any direction. The actuators are custom designed and require little maintenance. They are available […]