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SA Energy Storage 2017: Why is energy storage important?

  Storage is becoming one of the most important components of power generation, transmission and distribution, and consumption management. Efficient and cost effective storage is the next hurdle that needs to be overcome in the move to a higher penetration of renewable energy in the grid. EE Publishers will be hosting a dedicated conference and […]

The changing nature of the residential property

  Although Eskom has kept the promise of no more rolling black-outs, we are still experiencing random isolated area failures due to failures of the distribution network. The focus on managing electricity during rolling blackouts has diverted attention away from the problems with distribution, and now that there is plenty of power available, the problem […]

The danger of preconceptions and misconceptions

  A recent visit to Moscow as part of as media delegation caused me to change my mind about the city and reminded me how easily we allow preconceived ideas to become entrenched in our thinking. Based on impressions drawn from numerous spy novels that abounded in the cold war era, I envisioned Moscow to […]