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Case study: Fire in an underground 33 kV XLPE cable splice

  An underground mine was evacuated after a fault occurred involving the three-phase and ground on the 33 kV overhead line on the mine surface. While the initial fault cleared quickly, it appears to have led to a so-called “cross country fault” in the 33 kV reticulation system. Over the next six minutes a failure […]

Mining workshop focuses on geospatial management issues

  Esri South Africa and Aciel Geomatics hosted a mining workshop on 18 June at the Blue Valley Golf Estate in Midrand. Surveyors, mine planners, geologists, geotechnicians, MRM system managers, environmental specialists, draughtspersons, and ventilation and safety mine officials attended the event to learn more about geospatial solutions for the mining industry. Kick-starting the event […]

Safety is not the only driver of automation and robotics in mining

  With frequent – and now in some sectors of the mining industry, ongoing – strikes the question arises: should more automation be deployed in mines?  I posed this question to Dr. Declan Vogt , strategic research manager at the CSIR Centre for Mining Innovation.  “I believe that it is the way we are heading!”  […]

Reducing chilled water requirements on an underground bulk air cooler

  by Carel Viljoen and Krishan Ranasinghe, BBE Energy This article investigates ways to reduce the volume of chilled water required on a mine by improving the efficiency of cooling units and by re-using the outlet water of these units. Download the pdf