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Telkom MTN mating dance awaits consummation

by Hans van de Groenendaal, features editor, EE Publishers It is amazing how fast things can change in the mobile space – one day acrimonious and unseemly public disputes between hostile competitors, a week later overtures to get into bed together! After last week’s spat where Telkom accused MTN and Vodacom of holding the country back […]

Partnership to extend regional network reach

Etisalat recently announced its partnership with MTN Group to extend their regional network reach via Etisalat SmartHub. The MTN Group will connect through Etisalat’s SmartHub at Fujairah CLS to expand its advanced data network capabilities. The South Africa-based multinational company operates in African, European and Middle Eastern countries. Etisalat’s SmartHub is a global communications hub […]

Software agreement renewed

MTN Group and Opera Software have signed a new two-year agreement to offer a custom version of Opera Mini to MTN subscribers across 17 of its 22 markets. Opera Mini is a mobile web browser that compresses webpages to as little as 10% of their initial size,which helps customers to save on data costs and […]