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WAPA predicts the IT landscape in 2014

  One of the key objectives of the Wireless Access Providers’ Association (WAPA) is to add value to WAPA membership by providing additional services in line with both the growth of the industry and its members’ needs. The WAPA executive committee, comprising volunteer industry professionals, is therefore constantly monitoring the South African and global landscape, […]

ISP responds to Telkom’s line upgrades

  MWeb has announced changes to its standard uncapped shaped ADSL and Business Basic products whereby data speeds will be increased at no additional cost to customers. In addition, MWeb will introduce a 6 Mbps product and reduce pricing on their 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps standard uncapped products. This comes in response to the […]

Uncapped suite of business-class connectivity options

MWeb Business is continuing its assault against the high cost of quality Internet connectivity with the launch of a fresh, uncapped suite of business-class connectivity options. Called MWeb Business Uncapped ADSL Lite, the new solution delivers the stability, redundancy and round-the-clock technical service essential for any business, at a surprisingly low price. It is available […]

Data, voice, video and managed services

MWeb has concluded a strategic long-term agreement with Level 3 Communications, an international provider of fibre-based communications services, to exchange traffic to Level 3’s global IP network and content distribution network (CDN), bringing services, to South Africa and the Southern African region. Level 3 offers a comprehensive suite of data, voice, video and managed services […]

Network upgrade strengthens performance

MWeb has concluded a four-phase network build and upgrade process to improve network performance and increase redundancy. The company has invested in a four-phased infrastructure and backbone upgrade over the last couple of months, with the first phase to upgrade MWeb’s link between Johannesburg and Cape Town. According to the company, it has gone live […]