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The challenges of training in the electrical contracting industry

  Approved Electrical Inspection Authority (AIA) Nico van den Berg discusses issues such as copper theft; the need for a scrap metal dealers act; electric fence installation and a forum where contractors can share their knowledge. While working as an assessor and moderator, Nico van den Berg of Centurion-based Independent Electrical Inspection Services founded the […]

The importance of staying abreast with legislation

  Electrical contractors in South Africa are becoming reluctant to issue Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) because of ignorance of the continual amendments to the electrical regulations and legislation. To compound the problem, very few contractors are familiar with the Electrical Installations Regulations promulgated in 2009 and are, to this day, unable to distinguish between the […]

Earthing: SANS versus the Electrical Machinery Regulation

  It has became apparent over the last few years that we as contractors run the risk of not doing proper testing. This often leads to fatalities, yet we overlook the need to address the problem. As though this were not enough, we can’t even align the SANS 10142-1 with the Electrical Machinery Regulation Act […]

Excavations: the contractor’s responsibilities

  According to Regulation 13 (Excavation) of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, contractors performing excavation work shall ensure that all excavation work is done under the supervision of a competent person appointed in writing for that purpose. The contractor must also evaluate the stability of the ground as far as reasonably practicable before […]

CoC on a section of a premises

We always take a risk when we sign a Certificate of Compliance. But what do you do when the client wants to sell a property and asks you to issue a CoC for only part of the premises? The reason for this is usually that the client doesn’t have the money to fix up the […]

Electrical tip: testing and commissioning

The objectives of testing and commissioning are to verify that equipment is functioning properly after installation; that the performance of the installed equipment/systems meets with the specified design intent through a series of tests and adjustments, and to capture and record performance data of the whole installation as the baseline for future operation and maintenance. […]

Vector Inbox, February 2014

  This month, our readers express their fears at losing engineering skills in consulting practices and call for a scrap metal Act to help curb copper theft.. Our winning letter: What about training for consultants? Dear Editor Brian Turner’s article on engineering skills in the January 2014 issue of Vector so correctly documents what has […]

Electrical tip: earth leakage circuit breakers

  The test button on earth leakage circuit breakers must be pushed regularly to ensure that the unit trips. Note that this test is intended to check whether the earth leakage unit is operating correctly, not to check its sensitivity. While overload circuit breakers are designed to protect the power distribution system, earth leakage devices […]