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Data science workstations now available worldwide

To derive insights from their data that can transform their businesses, data scientists need powerful hardware and software. That’s now available in the form of Nvidia-powered Data Science Workstations from global original equipment manufacturers Dell, HP, Lenovo and Boxx (see the full list of workstation, system builder and software partners here.) These workstation undergo extensive […]

Real-time rendering of complex CAD models

Siemens NX Ray Traced Studio is latest tool to support Nvidia RTX, bringing ray-tracing capabilities and real-time rendering to complex CAD models. This enables professionals to visualise and interact with 3D models and bring complex designs to life. NX Ray Traced Studio together with Z by HP workstations bring the Nvidia Turing architecture’s ray-tracing capabilities […]

HPC pushes computing boundaries

  High performance computing (HPC) – also referred to as super computing (SC) – was not so long ago considered to be in the realm of research institutions and academia, but today it is fast moving into industry. Companies accumulate vast amounts of data about their customers and the public’s opinions of  products and service. […]