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Simplify CAN-bus implementations with chokeless transceivers

  Chokeless CAN transceivers allow system designers to reduce size, cost, and complexity of CAN bus implementations while meeting stringent automotive EMC requirements. With the density of electronics in automobiles increasing each year, it is important to ensure that in-vehicle networks maintain a high level of performance with respect to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). This ensures […]

Vendor interoperability ensures OEM compatibility

  Networks Unlimited (NU) recently hosted the launch of the ProLabs range of optical network infrastructure products designed to support interoperability between multiple vendors – providing OEM compatibility. These include optical and copper transceivers, direct attach cables, media converters, active optical cables and fibre cabling. Solutions include for telecoms, data centres and rack. NU is […]

Virtual panel discussion: The connected car

  There are many facets to the concept of the connected car. It started with reducing the wiring inside the car by deploying internal networks such as CanBus and FlexRay, to today’s integration of internal and external networks to manage maintenance; automating optimum driving conditions and integrating in-car entertainment. The following are the views received […]