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Compact flame monitor with fire-optic system

  The D-LX 720 from Durag is a reliable compact flame monitor with a fibre-optic system that analyses flame radiation using the integrated flame sensor signal. The instrument monitors gas, oil and coal flames. With a wide sensitivity range and suitable for ambient temperatures from -40 to +85°C, the device has a dual channel design […]

Adjustable, diffusing coal valve

  Combustion Technology offers the NT Series coal valve to balance coal pipes while also maintaining or creating a more homogenous coal distribution in the coal/air stream of the coal pipe, which is essential for optimising combustion.  The use of the NT valve allows for reduced NOx, unburned carbon in ash and CO, as well as […]

Pulverised coal sampler optimises combustion

  M&W Asketeknik offers the PFS-A, a portable instrument designed for sampling and measuring the flow of pulverised coal in fuel pipes between mills and burners, in accordance with ISO 9931. The sampler is introduced into the fuel pipe through an airlock (dustless connection) and the coal sample is collected in an exchangeable container attached […]

Radiation meter for recycling and scrap markets

  The RadEye PRD is the next generation of advanced radiation meters. Thermo Scientific’s newest personnel radiation detector (PRD) was developed in response to a growing need for smaller, more compact detectors which have even more sensitivity to unwelcome radioactive sources. The unit is a high-performance measuring device designed to be used in conjunction with a […]