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Commissioning and testing of differential protection for phase-shifting transformers

Due to the increasing demand to control power flow within our networks, more phase-shifting transformers (quadrature boosters) are being installed. The most important protection principle for transformers is differential protection. An additional phase-shift has to be considered by the differential protection to fulfill the requirements for selectivity. With two-phase faults outside of the transformer, an […]

Basic protection test set designed for portability

  Omicron recently introduced the Compano 100, a primary injection, secondary injection and basic protection test set which could become the universal and easy to use solution for all types of basic testing duties in electrical energy systems. Controlled electronic sources allow the user to obtain exactly the desired value and to output signals with […]

Analyzer software update complies with latest standards

  With its model-based approach to testing, the Omicron CT analyser has been providing a unique way of quickly and easily testing current transformers for years. With the simple push of a button the device is able to determine all of the relevant current transformer parameters automatically and assess the current transformer in accordance with […]

Interpreting sweep frequency response analysis measurements

  Power transformers are critical components in an electrical power network. Testing, diagnostics and reliable condition assessment of power transformers becomes increasingly relevant due to the ageing of transformer fleets around the world. Transfer function measurements have been used as a diagnostic tool to detect mechanical failures in power transformers. Geometrical changes in the transformer […]

Operator monitors partial discharge on HV cables

  Elia, the power transmission system operator in Belgium, has selected a permanent on-line partial discharge (PD) cable monitoring system from OMICRON for its Stevin project. This project is a major undertaking by Elia to reinforce the high-voltage (HV) power grid in Belgium’s Flanders region. Installation of the company’s cable monitoring system will start in the […]