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OSM recognised with award for its social benefit

OpenStreetMap (OSM) was selected as the winner of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) 2018 Award for Projects of Social Benefit. The FSF’s founder and president Richard Stallman presented OSM with the award during the LibrePlanet 2019 Conference. The award is a custom-made piece of art: a golden-looking record that had on its label the four […]

The EU Copyright Directive could threaten OpenStreetMap

On 26 March 2019, the European Parliament will vote for a third time on the new EU Copyright Directive. Article 13 of the new directive will de-facto force content platforms to filter uploaded contributions by their users. If a platform does not prevent uploading of copyright-protected content in accordance with “high industry standards of professional […]

Collaborative mapping project recognised for digital sustainability

The OpenStreetMap (OSM) community has received an award at the DINACon 2017 Conference for Digital Sustainability. The awards recognised digitalisation projects in Switzerland which generate sustainable benefits for society through digital sustainability. Digital sustainability describes how digital knowledge assets (data, content, software) must be created and made accessible to create the greatest possible benefit for […]

Open geo-data platform corrects for plate tectonics

  OpenStreetMap is set to offer a world-wide geo-database that actively tracks plate tectonics. The OSM Foundation board has given the green light for tectonic correction to be applied to the OSM database, starting in April. Users will not notice it immediately – the changes are minuscule enough to be laughed at by some. But […]

Open map organisation introduces new corporate membership

  The OpenStreetMap Foundation has had a corporate membership option for a while, where organisations and companies could become Associate Members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation for £1000 per year. The foundation has seen interest in this scheme, which is a sign that organisations and companies using OpenStreetMap are willing to give back to the project. […]