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Laser scanner merges performance with simplicity

Trimble’s newly released X7 3D laser scanning system enables professionals of all scanning levels to capture precise 3D scanning data to produce high-quality deliverables. Well suited to surveying, construction, industrial and forensic applications, the laser scanner is an integrated solution with specialised field software. The scanner features streamlined workflows to provide automatic registration of point […]

Blending performance and simplicity with the Trimble X7 3D laser scanning system

Trimble’s new X7 high-speed 3D laser scanning system, featuring the latest technology and innovations to simplify adoption, increase efficiency and provide confidence in the field. Professionals from all industries can now quickly and easily capture precise 3D scanning data and produce high-quality geospatial deliverables, regardless of their level of expertise. Ideal for surveying, construction, industrial […]

Automation sets in as geomatics solutions mature

Incremental changes in geomatics solutions on display at InterGEO 2019, the world’s largest geo-industry fair, show a market reaching maturity. Like other digital industries, it is now ripe for automation which brings opportunities to deliver better quality information at greater speed. Industry experts who are ready to embrace it stand to reap automation’s benefits, while […]

New field solutions for all survey applications

Earlier this year Trimble announced their new TSC7 Controller and Access 2018 specialised field software solution. Defining the next generation of data collection and computing for mobile workers, this solution is set to drastically increase productivity in all survey applications. Redesigned from the ground up, the Trimble TSC7/Access 2018 combination of hardware and software unleashes […]

Correction service now delivers 2 cm accuracy

Trimble’s RTX GNSS corrections technology can now achieve horizontal accuracies of better than two cm. Start-up times, commonly referred to as convergence, have also improved. Users can now achieve full accuracy in less than 15 minutes, and as fast as one minute in select areas where RTX Fast network infrastructure is available. This performance is […]

Application specific UAVs for sub-Saharan Africa

Optron is now offering Microdrones unmanned aerial mapping solutions which will provide benefits and cost savings to clients who are looking for a professional multirotor drone/UAV solution. The UAVs with its interchangeable payloads and integrated workflows for different applications will benefit clients in various sub-Saharan industries. By pairing robust drones with quality sensors, the UAVs […]