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Add-in access to large volume spatial data

Orbit GT has released the free ArcOnline Widget for Web AppBuilder for its 3D Mapping Cloud SaaS platform and on-premise 3DM Publisher. The SaaS platform is designed to host, process and share large volumes of lidar, imagery and other reality capture data, irrespective of how it has been collected. It supports high-resolution mobile mapping as […]

Cloud platform integrates various 3D workflows

Orbit GT released a major update of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, 3D Mapping Cloud, a powerful and versatile online platform for large 3D resources. The latest update includes a series of improved functionalities, enabling oblique imagery, UAV mapping, indoor and terrestrial scanning and street level mobile mapping multi-sensor content to be stored, organised, and shared […]

Mobile mapping tool refines catalogue functionality

Orbit GT has released 3D Mapping Content Manager v18, which supports various types of 3D mapping, and now offers capabilities for oblique imagery, UAV mapping, indoor and terrestrial scanning projects on top of its mobile mapping capabilities. The software will be of interest to anyone involved in large mapping projects. It is the useful tool […]