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Electromagnetic compatibility – is there a compliance issue?

  The SABS technical committee TC73 oversees electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Its business plan states: “Growing use of the available frequency spectrum for various communication purposes requires increasing control over interference and emissions from all types of equipment.” Available expertise is fragmented and there are insufficient measures to ensure conformance with regulations. The business plan was approved […]

Virtual panel discussion: Is IoT killing ISA-95?

  Antonio Buendia, the head of manufacturing, process control for Novartis in Switzerland recently stated in a LinkedIn article that “IIoT is killing ISA-95”. His article drew strong reactions. In our virtual panel discussion, we invited industry to share their thoughts around the subject, specifically from a South African perspective. While both the ISA-95 standard […]

Virtual panel discussion: The connected car

  There are many facets to the concept of the connected car. It started with reducing the wiring inside the car by deploying internal networks such as CanBus and FlexRay, to today’s integration of internal and external networks to manage maintenance; automating optimum driving conditions and integrating in-car entertainment. The following are the views received […]