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To encrypt or not to encrypt?

  Encryption is a much debated topic with many diverse viewpoints. Some experts say encryption provides a valuable extra layer of protection against hackers. In some political circles the call is to stop encryption to make it easier to catch crooks and terrorists and then there are some that believe their businesses are of no […]

Integrated PC control for wind farms

  A new integrated PC control system now makes it possible for operational management, pitch control, inverter control, condition monitoring, and visualisation on a wind farm operation on a single CPU. Beckhoff has developed a scalable range of standard software and hardware components allowing global accessibility to efficient, economical control and utilisation of wind energy. PC […]

The mainframe and PCs are dead? New developments prove us wrong!

  The mainframe was supposed to have disappeared off the scene long ago, so too the PC, but both are still around.  All the hype around smartphones and tablets seems to remain hype, but then I guess industry has always known that the mainframe and PC (and laptops) would be around for a long time […]