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New LED platform for recessed lights

Philips’ new generation LED recessed fixtures delivers substantial energy saving in a simple way, by adopting a brand-new LED platform and optical technology. It has an optimal colour CRI and power factor to improve the comfort of lighting, satisfying the requirements of various applications. It is the ideal replacement solution for conventional fluorescent lighting TL-D […]

Lighting specialist appointed

Philips Lighting South Africa has welcomed Simon Poo to the team. His nine years’ experience in lighting design makes him a “natural choice”. His specialties include exterior and interior lighting. Some of this exterior work can be seen at a number of sports stadiums where he has been involved in implementation. These include the Accra […]

Multi-watt ballast offers flexibility

The Mastercolour range of compact ceramic metal halide lamps is developing fast. Philips is launching a multi-watt electronic ballast offering flexibility in lighting design: the Aspiravision Triple Wattage, able to operate a 35, 50 or 70 W Mastercolour lamp (lamp choice to be set by a switch). The use of this new ballast allows for […]

The switch to white street lighting

There are many ways in which white light can transform urban centres –not only aesthetically, but also in terms of safety and security. by Maciej Debowski, Philips Lighting Solutions   Download the following pdf

LED luminaire covering accent lighting applications

Retailers and hospitality operators are having to contend with rising energy prices. At the same time, they need to retain quality of light and flexibility in order to catch the customer’s eye. StyliD is a breakthrough LED concept combining design, the latest, most innovative LED technology and optical system, and reliable heat management. Offering substantial […]