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Energy logger helps cut utility surcharges and power waste

  At commercial buildings and industrial plants, energy costs can quickly add up, especially when older lighting systems are in place, motors age and the compressed air lines snaking around the plant leak, requiring unnecessary cycling of compressors. In many cases, utilities tack on power factor and demand penalties for customers whose power systems have […]

Industrial power quality standards

  Power quality becomes more and more important as energy efficiency equipment is brought into use in industrial networks, and as embedded generation is installed in distribution networks and own generation equipment is brought into use by industrial users. This article examines the standards for both utility networks and industrial users. All networks, however well […]

Impact of leading power factor loads on synchronous alternators

by Gary Olson, Cummins Power Generation Many electrical loads incorporate elements that can impose a leading power factor on the power source. While these loads are typically not a problem for utility power sources, leading power factor can cause generator set failures or the failure of certain loads to operate properly on a generator set. […]