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800 and 1500 W programmable AC-DC power supplies

  XP Power recently announced the HDS series of 800 and 1500 W highly efficient programmable AC-DC power supplies. With a typical efficiency of up to 93%, these single output low profile supplies measure 249,0 x 127,0 x 40,9 mm for the 800 W models and 280 x 127 x 63,5 mm for the 1500 […]

Programmable automation controllers

  Designed to meet the growing need for a higher performance controller in a compact and affordable package, Rockwell Automation has launched the new Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370 L3 programmable automation controllers (PAC). Sitting in the higher end of the new midrange PAC offering from Rockwell Automation, this  range has been developed for applications that require […]

Transducer for measuring inclination angles

Gossen Metrawatt has launched a measuring transducer for measuring inclination angles. The Kinax N702 converts the tilt angle into a direct current signal, proportional to the angle. Tilt angle values of a platform e.g. on cranes, heavy-duty vehicles, excavators and drilling machines, ships and offshore facilities stand for important measuring data as a part of […]