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WAPA to address outdated EIRP limitations

  In 2016 one of the driving forces at the Future of Wireless Technology Forums (FWTF) hosted by the Wireless Application Providers Association (WAPA) is to address issues around the outdated equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP) limitations in the licence-exempt bands for point to point (PtP) links. Jens Langenhorst, the newly elected chairman for 2016 […]

Tiny switches for precise motion control

  Time synchronisation is increasingly important for distributed systems in industrial automation. To meet this need, Moxa has implemented the latest precision time protocol (PTP) technology in their new line of EDS-405A-PTP switches. The switches support the IEEE 1588v2 real-time clock, which is required to synchronise the clocks of all connected devices to sub-microsecond accuracy. The […]

ICASA kills industry’s hope for E-band

  At WAPA’s Future of Wireless Technology Forum there was hope that a regulatory framework could soon be in place for E and H millimetre bands. ICASA councillor, William Stucke showed his support for this in the opening presentation, but the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)’s management dealt a blow to this notion […]