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Reliable power for data and telecommunications sites

  Fuel cells are finding increasing use in the ICT sector, both as back-up power and as primary power sources, and are proving to be an effective alternative to traditional battery and diesel generator backup systems, in a variety of applications, from small remote telecommunications sites, to large data centres. Fuel cell technology features both […]

Alternative to manual UV detection system

In large, high production sawmills where success can be measured in board meters, the price per board is determined by the grade of each individual board. It is essential that every board be properly graded, sorted and processed. Operators grade each board as it travels along the conveyor line, marking it with a UV detectable […]

Three-phase general purpose UPS

Companies seeking a highly available, scalable three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) should consider APC by Schneider Electric’s Galaxy 3500, a three-phase general purpose UPS, designed specifically to provide reduced downtime and increased runtime scalability for IT and electrical room environments. According to the company, this UPS is suitable for a wide range of applications in […]