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Monthly water monitoring platform to include volumes

The Mzansi Amanzi (Water South Africa) monthly water monitoring platform allows insight into surface water resources across South Africa. Knowing where the water is important, but knowing how much is available is critical. The GTI-Ekosource partnership has elevated the information content of the water monitoring service to now include water volume information as well as […]

SAIMC Johannesburg branch talks IIoT

The Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control (SAIMC) Johannesburg branch monthly technical evening took place on 14 March at the Bryanston Sports Club. Anne de Beer welcomed the guests to her first event since taking up the position of Johannesburg branch chairperson, replacing Mike Banda. The well-attended event was hosted by RJ Connect, featuring […]

Remote monitoring for open channels

Reducing engineering costs and increasing data availability through remote data monitoring, SITRANS RD500 remote data manager brings substantial benefits to a facility in North America monitoring wastewater effluent volumes. At the end of the wastewater treatment process, after solid waste particles are removed and chemicals are added to clean the wastewater, treated effluent runs through […]

Remote monitoring of critical plant assets

by Terry Cousins and Luis Valentim, TLC Engineering Solutions Plant automation systems provide for continuous or near-continuous operation of machines with minimal manpower. As interruption in plant operation can result in significant financial loss, it is critical to monitor the health of essential equipment on a continuous basis and to be able to detect conditions […]