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What’s the future for IPPs in South Africa?

  It is most unfair that Eskom now wants to ditch the coal-fired IPPs, when in fact they will be much more useful than the renewables. Moreover, it would be illuminating to see how much cheaper and faster IPP-owned coal-fired power stations can be commissioned than Eskom’s efforts. Coal IPPs should have been the first […]

Seeing through the gloom: seeking stability after subsidy cuts

  The UK has entered a highly uncertain period following the vote for Brexit, but uncertainty was a defining characteristic of the outlook for the solar industry even before the EU referendum.  Concerns about solar investment will be exacerbated by the country’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) and the expectation of a turbulent period […]

PV plant in Prieska achieves commercial operation

  The 125 ha, 86 MW, Mulilo-Sonnedix-Prieska PV project in the Northern Cape officially started commercial operation on 22 July 2016. Construction was completed after only 17 months. The Prieska-based solar plant is independent power producer (IPP) Sonnedix’s first plant in South Africa and the biggest in its international fleet. The project was developed in […]

The roles of private sector IPPs and Eskom in renewable energy in SA

  An interview with the South African Renewable Energy Council EE Publishers initially proposed an interview with Eskom on its position and role in respect of renewable energy in South Africa. Eskom agreed and requested the interview questions in advance. However after the interview questions were provided, Eskom failed to engage further or provide answers […]

Lightning protection systems for biogas plants

  Complex and cost-intensive plants with fully automated processes are required to generate useable final products from biomass. A volatile mixture of gas and air is formed in the vicinity of fermentation and gas tanks, which can therefore be classified as potentially explosive atmospheres. Consequently, reliable protection concepts are required to ensure permanent availability and […]

Solar park concept resurfaces in ministerial determination

  The concept of a large solar park, accommodating a substantial solar energy generating capacity was first mooted in 2009, when a proposal to construct a 5 GW solar park in the Upington area was made by the minister of energy. The project has been overshadowed by the success of the REIPPPP, which ran independently […]

Can South Africa afford new “carbon free” power stations?

  The editorial on the cost of carbon free new build power stations, which was published on page 3 in the June 2016 edition of Energize, elicited a wide response, and this is a more detailed version to demonstrate the source of the arguments. The core issue here is the cost of building new nuclear […]

Assessing South African – American renewable energy projects

  Searching the outskirts for a solar baseload model Pierre Potgieter, assistant editor at EE Publishers, is on a week-long tour of South Africa, sponsored by the US Embassy, seeking out various innovative renewable energy projects. The articles below form a diary of his travels. Day 1: Monday 27 June A solar park under construction in […]

High capacity, deep cycle energy storage solution

  PowerBank is the latest addition to the well-known Omnipower brand by Sinetech. This lithium ion (Li-ion) energy storage solution was first launched at the Solar Show Africa 2016, held at the Sandton Convention Centre in March. The device is a high power and compact 48 V, 6,5 kWh energy storage solution capable of being discharged to […]