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Ruggedised electronics cabinets for military applications

  Ruggedised electronics cabinets for military applications in the burgeoning defence industry in South Africa are available exclusively from Actum Industrial. These specialised cabinets are manufactured by Schroff of Germany, part of parent company Pentair Technical Solutions. Schroff offers the Varistar MIL ruggedised electronics cabinet for shock and vibration resistance under the most demanding conditions. […]

Common power poblems and power protection solutions

  All systems, from home theatres and office desktops to enterprise IT equipment in data centres, are prone to downtime, damage and data loss, especially when left exposed without a proper power protection scheme in place. Equipment faces potential danger on a daily basis, whether from severe weather, poor voltage quality, or any number of […]

Manufacture of MeerKat antennas will boost local industry

  Hans van de Groenendaal, features editor, EngineerIT At least 75% of the components making up the 64 MeerKAT antennas will be manufactured in South Africa, but several industries in the SKA Organisation partner countries are also making crucial contributions. The global technology collaborations bring cutting-edge know-how and many years of antenna experience to the […]