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Mike’s musings: Does technology drive behaviour?

  This month’s musing revolves around the question whether technology drives people’s behaviour or behaviour drives technology. The technology in question is solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, specifically rooftop PV systems. The reason for the question is the rapid development and movement of the sector from one extreme to the other and a spiral towards what […]

Safety risks and solutions in PV systems

  Photovoltaic (PV) systems offer a number of benefits, from financial savings to environmental advantages and energy independence. As these benefits are driving PV systems to be installed around the world, the industry has gained a better knowledge of the needs for PV systems’ safety. In general, PV systems are safe, reliable, and do not […]

Applicability of solar PV for rooftops

  There is a lot of chatter about whether to put “this solar thing” on rooftops. Often, however, the full impact of such an intervention is not understood, and so the differences between the solar options should first be clarified. Solar thermal applications are energy saving (reduction of electricity consumption) where radiation is converted to […]