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Advanced network offers near unlimited bandwidth capacity and SDWAN

Times have changed and businesses are increasingly adopting the use of SaaS/IaaS applications in multiple clouds, however one of the inhibiting factors are legacy wide area networks (WAN) which are not ready for the explosion of WAN traffic that cloud adoption brings. Liquid Telecom South Africa has addressed these issues by upgrading its vast network […]

Software-as-a-service fleet management launched

TomTom Telematics has introduced a new product line-up to enable faster, more efficient, fleet management. The software-as-a-service solution, Webfleet, has been rebuilt to includes new features and a more intuitive user experience that includes advanced customisation capabilities. The revamped software is enhanced when coupled with the new range of TomTom Pro driver terminals. Together the […]

Cyber security – a call for constant vigilance

The notion that with with security software and safety measures taken care of, companies and home users can relax, remains a dream. In today’s world, almost everything connected to the internet and technology poses a constant security threat. The cat-and-mouse game that has typified cybersecurity in recent years continues, with hackers constantly finding new ways […]