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Drone registration fees to be amended

As part of a various amendments under the “Twentieth Amendment of the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2019”, Part 101: Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) fees are being adjusted. The amendments follow recommendations made by the Civil Aviation Regulations Committee (CARCom), to amend the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011. Also to be amended are the Technical Standards, including […]

RPAS: transformative and evolving

  RPAS has lowered operating costs, translating to more and faster-available data, as well as flexibility, improved safety and faster decision-making advantages. Besides stirring up the surveying industry, it continues to infiltrate fields that are still developing applications for UAVs, evolving as a technology and transforming industries along the way. To interrogate how much this […]

Virtual panel discussion: Drones

Drones are a promising part how we manage our world. They will be the intelligent connection between people, process, data, and things to create new value and opportunities. We asked a number of experts to share their views about various aspects of the drone industry and the application of drones. With the drone market increasing […]