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Arc Flash Conference – call for papers

  Arc flash is arguably one of the most topical issues being discussed in the electrical engineering community in South Africa and worldwide (especially in the mining, utilities and manufacturing areas). Technology and safety procedures have significantly reduced most other forms of electrical injuries; however incidents related to arc flash have surfaced as one of […]

Protecting off-grid PV systems

  There are many studies on the short circuit behaviour of grid connected PV and renewable energy systems but not many on the protection of off-grid PV (OGPV) systems. Many national wiring codes are beginning to include protection of PV systems, but the subject is neither well nor widely understood. This article covers the protection […]

Helping prolong the overall lifetime of runways and ropes

Two innovative and unique devices have been introduced into the South African market by global crane giant Konecranes, prolonging the overall lifetime of the runways and the ropes through two unique solutions: RailQ Runway Survey and RopeQ Wire Rope Inspection. RailQ is an alignment survey technology developed to provide faster, safer, and more accurate analysis than […]

Laser scanner improves mine safety

An integrated mine monitoring system is helping Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation improve safety at copper /cobalt open pits in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The integrated laser scanner and monitoring software system, purchased from 3D Laser Mapping, will be used to monitor high wall stability helping to predict future wall movements. Comprising a Riegl VZ-1000 […]